Tenancy Ready Training

What is Tenancy Ready Training?
If you have nowhere to live or struggling to maintain where you currently live, then our Tenancy Ready Training could help you. The training is free to complete and is accessible via computer and portable devices. The training is designed to help you with your housing options and to consider sustainability of accommodation. The e-learning training is funded by Fylde Council ensuring it remains a free service.

Course Topics

  • Struggling at home
  • What happens if I find myself homeless?
  • Funding a deposit
  • Deposit protection
  • Types of tenure
  • Property types
  • What happens if I lose my tenancy?
  • Bills
  • Income

How do I access the course?

You must complete referral form before taking the course online. This can be completed at Fylde Council or individuals can refer directly to the e-learning course by contacting YMCA Fylde Coast directly on email or phone.
Email: harbourhouseymca@fyldecoastymca.org Phone: 01253 794433

The link to start the course can be found here

Please remember you cannot start the course without completing a referral form first

What Happens After the Course?
Once you have finished the e-learning course, you will be given a certificate of completion. You can use your certificate as a reference when applying for housing. If you have completed a MyHomeChoiceFyldeCoast application, your certificate will help with your application. You can also show your certificate to private landlords to indicate that you have completed the course and understand how to be a good tenant.

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