Our Values

068_109Our multigenerational approach stems from our philosophy that appropriate guidance and assistance at influential points in a young person’s life holds not only the key to achieving aspirations and dreams but shapes the collective development of the future community.

Therefore our core values are to:

We Seek Out: We actively look for opportunities to make a transformative impact on young lives in the communities we work, and believe that every person is of equal value.

We Welcome: we offer people the space they need to feel secure, respected, heard and valued; and we always protect, trust, hope and persevere.

We Inspire: we strive to inspire each person we meet to nuture their body, mind and spirit and to realise their full potential in all they do.

We Promote: we actively seek to grow and develop the influence of the YMCA so we can increase the impact of our work and serve our communities more effectively.

We Serve Others: we are committed to the wellbeing of the communities we serve and believe in the positive benefit of participation, locally and in the wider world.

These core values aim to:

  • Provide an inspirational journey which is based on the need of the individual, throughout their lifetime.
  • Offer opportunities for personal and social development that allow everybody to make the most of their abilities and lead a fulfilled life.
  • Create sustainable communities through working with individuals, in particular young people and their families to achieve their personal goals and aspirations. Help young people on a journey of learning and development, empowering them to make a difference.
  • Become a recognised leading provider in the North West of activities which transform lives.

Our YMCA Housing teams work across the North West providing supported housing and rental accommodation, advice and community projects for young people and families who require assistance in bringing about security in their lives.