Equality & Diversity

066_108-liamYMCA Housing is committed to the principle of equal opportunity and is based on the equal value of all persons, ensuring respect and freedom for all, together with tolerance and understanding between people of different opinions and traditions, and an active involvement in the needs of the community.

Therefore YMCA Housing recognises the need for and supports wholeheartedly a policy of equal opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice in all areas of its work and responsibilities.015_021-sam

In relation to its employment and housing practices YMCA Housing unreservedly accepts the spirit and intention of the various regulations and codes of practice which separately and collectively outlaw certain kinds of discrimination in employment and housing.

YMCA Housing will not unlawfully, unfairly or unreasonably discriminate or treat any individual less favourably on the grounds of sex, marital status, race, disability, colour, age, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnic national origin.