YMCA Move-On Accommodation

A short walk from the YMCA Foyer, YMCA Move-On Accommodation hosts five self-contained flats. Here residents continue to work with the support of the YMCA Foyer team whilst maintaining a degree of independence.

The YMCA Move-On Accommodation allows you to experience semi-independent living with the confidence that YMCA housing staff are still available to support you. It is the next step to living independently and allows you to fully assess if you are ready to move out of YMCA Supported Housing to an independent tenancy.

The  YMCA Move-On Accommodation Scheme provides:
  • Safe, secure, affordable accommodation
  • A multi-agency approach to support to ensure you have access to the support you need
  • Support to access training and education
  • Support to find employment
  • Free access to other YMCA services including health and leisure facilities, youth clubs, youth engagement and empowerment and outdoor education
  • Cooking sessions and healthy eating
  • Budgeting sessions on how to make your money go further
  • IT sessions in our state of the art suite
  • Move-On Training to develop your independent living skills
  • Support to find more permanent accommodation when you feel ready to move on

For more information on our YMCA Move-On Accommodation, you can contact the team at the YMCA Foyer on 01253 775400, email foyer@fyldecoastymca.org or complete our contact form.

YMCA Supported Housing Services achieved Level A across three core areas within the supporting people review