Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:013_017

YMCA Housing is part of a world wide Christian Movement whose central aim is to enable young people and other members of the community to achieve their full physical, social, cultural and spiritual potential. YMCA Housing is committed to meeting the needs of the local community regardless of sex, race, ability, age or faith.

Our Vision:

YMCA Housing seeks to build on its reputation for effective, high quality services by providing affordable social housing for people in need, increasing stability and security at the heart of the community.

In recognising the importance of a secure home, YMCA Housing aims to:019_031

  • Increase access to affordable and appropriate accommodation;
  • Develop sustainable financial models to assist those in need;
  • Focus on those in housing need, with young people and families being a priority;
  • Develop innovative programmes and services that contribute to personal development and homelessness prevention;
  • Work with others in the reduction of homelessness and in meeting identified needs;
  • Achieve high quality standards.