Our Impact

027_045YMCA Housing works in collaboration with young people and families that are in crisis by enabling  them to secure and maintain a safe place to stay. Positive emotional and mental health and wellbeing is fundamental to the growth and development of an individual, as such YMCA Housing offers an holistic approach, supporting young people and families with dependant children to better manage and improve their situation and develop the confidence and skills to maintain independent living.

Our services include the provision of 51 supported housing units, affordable rental properties, the delivery of a housing advice service and a bond guarantee scheme. YMCA Housing additionally provides counselling and mediation services to a wide range of people in need.

In 2013-14 YMCA Housing Changed and Enhanced the Lives of 79 young people and 18 families in 006_008our 51 units of supported accommodation. Working with some of the most disadvantaged people within the local community, we provided a range of support services to ensure:

  • 100% of our families were able to make the transition to independent living and have a place to call home
  • 98% of our young people had a positive move-on into either further supported accommodation, their own accommodation or returned to the family home
  • 99% of our young people made the transition into either education and training via a recognized education establishment or training provider (62 young people) or employment (16 young people)

047_075We also worked with 88 clients to provide 79 bond guarantees, enabling people to access a range of rented accommodation. Our counselling service provided 162 people with 522 hours of advice and support.

We provided 1,257 meals as part of our drop in service and delivered 221 food hampers to those members of our communities most at need.

We assisted 300 people to borrow securely through the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Credit Union, providing access to an affordable, ethical and inclusive alternative to mainstream banking, preventing people in need from turning to Loan Sharks and Doorstep Lenders.

We worked in partnership with three local authorities in Wyre, Fylde and Carlisle to bring 13 unoccupied homes back into use as part of our Making Homes project.